Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's Been Happening the Past 6 months

I tried to put these pictures as close to in order as possible. I have been so bad about updating our blog. I promise it will not be 6 months before I update it again. We have been so blessed over the last 6 months. I LOVED every second of staying home this summer with Zuri. We have started back to school and Zuri will start pre-school September 1st. She seems to be excited about school. She says she's going to sing and learn about Jesus.

Our Family Pictures at Rock Creek and the Farm

Our trip to the Greenville Zoo with our friends Nolan and Parker. Zuri loves those guys.

We have had so much fun this summer hanging out with Jaxon and Addison. I am so glad Zuri and Addison will be close. Sometimes they fight like sisters, but they truely love each other. We had our first sleepover this summer. Addison stayed at our house and did great. We tried to let Zuri sleep over, that lasted until about 7:00. Lovin on sweet Baby Parker.
Zuri's first jet ski ride. She LOVED it!

We took Josie back to see her friends at the Cabbage Patch Factory. Meggie had her 2nd birthday party there. Josie loved seeing her old friends ;)
Zuri and Josie in thier matching outfits, thanks to Ashley.
Our first camping trip was a success. Zuri thought it was so much much fun that she didn't sleep at all the first night. She kept saying I want to go 'camper', meaning I want to go camping.

Our camping buddies. Kailyn and Madilyn. Madilyn and Zuri will be in the same class this year at Earles Grove pre-school.

Mother's Day 2011

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